One of the major segments in the gambling industry, football betting has come a long way – as much as being likened to the game itself. Sports betting has always been a rage, but not as much as American football. As a science replete with handicappers studying the market trends, the injury reports, and daily football news and setting the lines, the football betting experts are wise guys with a gift for defying the odds and making serious cash. If you want to claim a share in that wealth, first you need to know how to make an educated wager.

With numerous techniques of football betting doing the rounds, with the help of this betting system, you should know where to start. Firstly, determine what the point-spread or line for the casino games that you want to wager on. The point-spread is determined by the number of points that the handicapper or odds maker gives to the underdog. The preferred team is indicated with a minus (-) sign. You can at best find the point spread and daily lines at an online sportsbook. A majority post the betting lines daily. Once the team and the spread have been determined you will be required to decide on the type of wager that you wish to make.

Types of Football Bets

Straight Wager: Placed on either the point spread or the over/under. It is sometimes called the total. In a straight bet, the team you wagered on must win and cover the spread. If you are wagering on the “total”, or over or under you are wagering on the “total” points scored by both teams, including overtime. You can bet that the teams will either score more (over) or less (under) than the total the handicapper posts. As the wager is on the total points, it doesn’t matter which team wins.

Money Line:

Placed on the price of the wager and not the point spread. If you are certain that the underdog is going to win, bet the money line, since nothing will pay out better.

Point Buying:

If you don’t like the point spread or betting line, bookies and sportsbooks give you the opportunity to buy points. This is known as “Point Buying”, by which you can adjust the point spread either by adding or deducting points. This moves the game to your advantage.

Propositions or Exotic Bets:

These bets are mostly seen on very important games like Monday or Sunday Night NFL, playoffs, high profile regular season NCAA (Penn state-Ohio state Notre Dame-Nebraska), major bowl games and the Super bowl. The Exotic Bets are wagers on particular events or occurrences within the game like field goals, touchdowns, halftime scores, rushing yard by xx, and extra points.

Halftime and Quarter Bets:

Quarter betting is common with high profile names like the Super Bowl or Monday Night NFL. This bet is placed on individual quarters of the brand new online casinos usa; Halftime Betting is placed on either the half time or final score specific of the game. The lines offered are point spread, money line, or a combination of the two.


Offered on annual events that take place, like the Super bowl or World Series. Once you place this bet, it is taken as final and you cannot be changed, even though the odds will change throughout the year.

Parlays and Teasers:

These are combination bets. A parlay is a wager placed on more than a game at a time; all bets made here must win on the parlay card. Teasers differ from parlays in that here you can add points to the spread, at a cost.

With a host of football bets, online soccer betting is a huge industry with bettors taking the sport both seriously, as well as having some fun with it.

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