A Symphony of Nature: The Finest Hill Stations near Mahabaleshwar

Surround yourself with a captivating sojourn amidst the picturesque hill stations near the beautiful town of Mahabaleshwar. Each of these exquisite destinations has a unique blend of beauty, tranquility, and a multitude of activities for travelers and explorers who seek an unforgettable experience. You can book yourself a hotel in Mahabaleshwar to make it the starting point of your journey and slowly cover all the nearby hill stations.

9 Amazing Hill Stations Near Mahabaleshwar


Panchgani is nestled amidst the lush strawberry farms and scenic valley, with colonial-era buildings where you can go for a leisurely stroll. This idyllic town shouldn’t be far from our Treebo Mahabaleshwar Hotel, with places like Table Land where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Sahyadri Mountains. Go for a thrilling paragliding adventure or begin your trek to Rajpuri caves, but if you want to relax, visit the market and sample fresh produce from the local farms.


If you wish to discover tranquility in the lap of nature, Matheran is the place for you, it’s a quaint hill station known for its pollution-free environment and mesmerizing viewpoints. Some opt for a horseback ride and others explore the place on foot, but the pathways remain just as enchanting. You can witness the sunset at Sunset Point, have a picnic by Charlotte Lake, and trek toward Louisa Point. Finally, head toward the One Tree Hill viewpoint, and on the last day you can head back to Treebo Hotels in Mahabaleshwar.


Lonavala is one of the most beloved hill stations renowned for its majestic waterfalls and mist-covered valleys. Here you can visit the Kune Falls, Karla, and Bhaja Caves, and even enjoy the panoramic view from Tiger’s Point. Adventure seekers can go on a hike to the Duke’s Nose or take a refreshing dip in Bhushi Dam. This hill station near Treebo Mahabaleshwar Hotels truly entices visitors with its verdant landscapes, delectable local cuisine, and a multitude of adventure activities.


Adjacent to Lonavala, is the scenic abode of Khandaja, another hill station with cascading waterfalls and lush green landscapes. Take a day trip to Rajmachi Fort and witness the architectural grandeur along with the striking views from the fort’s vantage points. Indulge yourself in the local cuisine like Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, and some piping hot Chai to end your day.

Needless to say, you’ll love the scenic trails here and they will likely give you a jolt of adrenaline as you paraglide above them.


Another splendid hill station that you can easily reach after you check out from our Treebo Hotels in Mahabaleshwar is Lavasa, a place with European architecture with an opulent ambiance. Delight your senses by heading to the Temghar Dam, where you can see the rustling waves, the thrash, and the fall of the water while lazing around and enjoying a snack. There are many trails for you to walk here, spot birds, and take the perfect pictures for your Instagram.


Mahuli is an enchanting destination with one of the most popular treks in the country, making it ideal for a weekend getaway. The challenging terrain and scenic views are all just a drive away from our Treebo Mahabaleshwar Hotels, and it might take you anywhere between two to three days to complete the trek. Make sure you bring along a good pair of hiking shoes, different clothes because the weather keeps changing, sunscreen to beat the heat, a hat, snacks, and water.


Jawhar is a hidden gem where you can go for heritage walks on its calm streets and marvel at the region’s royal architecture, such as the Jai Vilas Palace. There’s a different aura to its charming town, where you can soak in the regal ambiance and learn about its intriguing history. Jawhar is blessed with iconic waterfalls such as the Dabhosa and Kal Mandvani, where you can bask in nature’s refreshing beauty and rejuvenating mist. Wander through the lush forests with gushing streams and rolling hills, and engage in bird-watching as you capture stunning photographs. The mouthwatering Warli Chicken and delectable Pithale Bhakri are culinary delights of this place that will tantalise your taste buds.


Bhandardara is a tranquil haven that beckons those in search of an exquisite experience as it is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains and adorned with shimmering lakes. This otherworldly destination near our Treebo Mahabaleshwar Hotels offers a sanctuary of luxury and natural beauty where you can cruise along the pristine waters of Arthur Lake, which is considered the crown jewel of Bhandardara. The Randha Falls here are a treat to the eyes, where gushing white water hits the rocks and creates a spectacle. There are many yoga and wellness retreats here where visitors can enjoy luxurious spa treatments, holistic therapies, and meditation sessions that restore harmony to your mind, body, and soul.


Igatpuri is a charming retreat and an ideal getaway for discerning travelers that will leave you spellbound. The vipassana retreats here allow you to meditate and contemplate in complete silence for 10 days, free of cost. You just need the willingness to cut yourself off from the outside world and embark on a journey within your soul. You’ll find professional photographers here, passionately capturing images of the landscape, flora, and wildlife. You can opt to go camping here by building a tent for yourself or opting for one of their eco-lodges. Fall asleep under a star-studded sky, with the sound of nature, and wake up with awe-inspiring views in the morning.

All these places near Treebo Mahabaleshwar Hotels invite you to experience a world of refined escapes that combine luxury, nature, and serenity. Create long-lasting memories, and do not hold yourself back from exploring these places to the fullest, making the most out of your trip to India’s finest hill stations. Take back souvenirs for yourself, and capture beautiful pictures with your loved ones to decorate your Instagram feed. But most importantly, make sure you book the ideal Treebo hotel for yourself that caters to all your needs.

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