If you want to make a visit to Europe anytime soon, ensure you have the appropriate travel insurance to get a Schengen visa.

Schengen travel insurance is a mandatory travel medical insurance that you must have to get your visa for a Schengen country approved.

Here is your complete guide to Schengen travel insurance India.

What is Schengen Insurance?

Schengen travel insurance is an insurance policy for travelling to all the 26 Schengen countries. People visiting a Schengen country can only stay up to 90 days within 3 months. Additionally, they need travel insurance for a Schengen visa before reaching any of these countries.

The travel insurance plan protects a traveller from the financial burden of unforeseen eventualities, like lost baggage or passport, medical emergencies, flight delays and cancellations, and third-party damages.

Things to Know About Schengen Travel Insurance

Read the table below for key details about Schengen travel insurance in India:

Features Details
Number of Schengen countries covered 26
Eligibility 0.6 to 70 Years +
Visa duration for tourists 90 Days
Benefits Medical emergencies, trip cancellation, flight delay or cancellation, lost baggage, emergency transportation, etc.
Minimum sum insured € 30,000
Nature Mandatory
COVID-19 coverage Yes
Validity It should be valid in all 26 Schengen countries
Claim procedure Online
Minimum days of travel insurance required Entire trip

Why Should You Obtain a Schengen Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance plan from a trusted insurer like Tata AIG secures you financially against anything that could go wrong when you visit a foreign country. Here are the reasons why you should get travel insurance when going to a Schengen country:

  • Travel insurance for Schengen visa is a necessary document. Your visa application will only be accepted if you have an appropriate travel insurance plan.
  • A travel insurance plan covers the sudden medical expenses you may incur if you need medical care when travelling.
  • Along with medical emergencies, a travel insurance plan secures you against many other things that could go wrong on your trip and ruin your travel budget, like delays and lost baggage.
  • A travel insurance plan provides monetary support if you lose your travel funds or passport.
  • The plan also covers you if you need to cancel or delay your trip due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Tips to Buy Best Schengen Travel Insurance

Several insurance companies are offering Schengen travel insurance in India. Picking the best insurance plan helps you start stress-free on your international trips. The tips below will help you choose the best Schengen travel Insurance in India:

  • Research for quotes from different insurers for Schengen travel insurance. The policy premium should be affordable and not be a financial burden to you.
  • Compare the features and benefits offered by different insurance providers along with the policy premium.
  • Select an insurance plan with an appropriate sum insured that would be sufficient to cover you for your entire trip. Buying an insurance plan with an insufficient sum assured may not cover your unexpected expenses, and taking an unreasonably high coverage would result in high insurance premiums.
  • Understand the claim process beforehand to avoid any complications and delays later.

Cost of Schengen Insurance Online in India

The cost of Schengen travel insurance in India varies for different insurance providers. However, the cost of the insurance policy is inexpensive compared to the overall trip’s cost. The price of a travel insurance policy broadly depends on the following factors:

  • Age of the insured individual: A travel insurance policy’s cost increases with the insured person’s age. For example, senior citizens may have to pay a higher premium for the same policy than a person in his 20s.
  • The duration of the trip: Usually, insurance providers calculate the insurance policy’s cost on a daily basis. Therefore, the policy’s cost increases with the length of the trip’s duration.
  • The coverage provided: The extent of coverage of a travel insurance plan also contributes to its cost. A plan with basic coverage will have a lower premium than one with extensive coverage.


Travel insurance for students, business people, and travellers is a necessary document when going to a Schengen country. Schengen travel insurance plan protects you from the financial implications of unforeseen and unplanned emergencies in foreign lands. It also provides coverage if you need to cancel or delay your trip.

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